1. Aims and Scope
VITKA Jurnal Manajemen Pariwisata aims to publish original research articles in the fields of Culinary Management, Food & Beverages Management, Room Divison Management and Tourisms.

2. Permissions
Manuscript with tables, figures, or text passages that have already been published in any other online/print publication should require permission to obtain in the form or written letter from the author as well as publisher (copyright owners) for both the print and online format and have to be submitted along with manuscript submission, or should be mentioned in references. The material submitted without citation or written permission will be assumed as the original material of the authors and Batam Tourism Polytechnic or VITKA Jurnal Manajemen Pariwisata have not responsible for any future risks and consequences.

3. Experiments on Animals
Authors using an animal in their experiments should submit the ethical clearance document or other related documents and it should be internationally recognized.

4. Case Reports
Author(s) should give the filled Patient Consent Form which is signed by the patient(s) if they are publishing any case reports.

5. Internal and External Peer Review 
The VITKA Jurnal Manajemen Pariwisata inauguration process has been simplified and the journal continues its efforts to provide top-quality academic research peer-reviewed from related disciplines.

The efficient blind review process helps the journal to maintain its high integrity and provide high-quality peer-reviewed academic and professional research to the scientific community around the world.

Evaluation of submitted paper is done by initial screening in the editorial office and followed by an internal review by the Internal Board of Accommodation Editor. Then the paper will be checked for Advanced Plagiarism Detection, Copy Editing and Proofreading Software (Grammarly). After this, the paper will be assigned to the editor for conducting the External Peer Review by two reviewers. After revision, again paper will undergo Grammarly checks.