Bintan Resorts Cares, Road to Recovery from Covid 19 and Tourism Awakening, A Perspective of Stakeholder Participation


Eryd Saputra
Eva Amalia


Riau Islands places 2nd for foreign tourist arrivals after Bali. In 2019 its attracted 2.59 million international visitors, almost 47 percent were from Singapore and mostly came from entrance port of Batam and  Bintan Resorts. This research aims to elaborate how the Bintan Resorts’s managementgovernment  authorities ,  resort operators / partners resolved to embark the journey   and  working closely  to ensure safety  well-being of tourists  with a long path way  to resume  usual tourism activities during Covid 19 . It has enlightened  the importance of multi stakeholder participation engagement


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SaputraE. and AmaliaE. (2021) “Bintan Resorts Cares, Road to Recovery from Covid 19 and Tourism Awakening, A Perspective of Stakeholder Participation”, VITKA Jurnal Manajemen Pariwisata, 2(02), pp. 33-40. Available at: (Accessed: 15April2021).


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