Substitusi Tepung Terigu Menggunakan Tepung Kacang Hijau (Phaseolus radiatus) Dalam Pembuatan Kulit Ayam Crispy

  • Zakiyatul Fitriyah Mahasiswa
  • Rosie Oktavia Puspita Rini Program Studi Manajemen Kuliner, Politeknik Pariwisata Batam
Keywords: mung bean flour, chicken skin, substitution, experiment


The current era of globalization is increasing consumption of wheat flour. But national wheat production has not been able to meet the total domestic demand so that from year to year there is an increase in wheat imports. Therefore, there needs to be a new breakthrough with other flour alternatives to reduce consumption dependence on wheat flour. Flour that can be used to replace flour is flour based on local food. One of the local food ingredients that can be used as raw material for making flour is green beans which will be processed into green bean flour. The use of mung bean flour can provide a fairly high content of vegetable protein and energy and flavors that are almost the same as flour, therefore green bean flour can be the choice of the author to replace wheat flour due to its rich content.This study was an experimental study of crispy chicken skin substituted for green bean flour and wheat flour. To determine the level of preference for crispy chicken skin panelists substitution of mungbean flour and flour in terms of aroma, color, texture and taste. Next to objectively assess the organoleptic quality, the authors used trained panelist research subjects and untrained panelists using the questionnaire data collection method. Furthermore, the data obtained were analyzed by the Anova method and Duncan 's Multriple Range (DMRT) test to determine the differences in each treatment.The results of the analysis showed a significant difference in color, aroma, crispness and texture with treatment 25:75, 50:50 and 75:25. The hedonic quality test results on color, aroma, crispness and texture show that crispy chicken skin with the treatment of 75% green bean flour and 25% wheat flour which has the highest score with golden yellow, fragrant aroma, savory taste and texture the crispy one. While from the hedonic test the panelists liked the color and aroma of the crispy chicken skin with the treatment of 75% green bean flour and 25% flour. Suggestions for future researchers can innovate other products with the addition of green bean flour. For institutions, it is necessary to add knowledge books and reference books based on research methods so that students can then do good research especially in experimental research.


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