Paradigma Kota Sehat dan Sapta Pesona Pariwisata

  • Mohammad Thandzir Program Studi Manajemen Tata Hidangan, Politeknik Pariwisata Batam
Keywords: Healthy City, Regency, Tourism Enchantment, Tourism


A healthy city or regency is a condition of a city or regency that is clean, comfortable, safe, and healthy for inhabitants to be achieved through the implementation of several integrated arrangements and activities agreed upon by the community and the regional government, which in this case concerns the Provincial Government and District or City Government. Tourism or tourism is a trip made for recreation or vacation and also preparations made for this activity. A tourist or tourist is someone who travels at least 80 km (50 miles) from his home for recreational purposes, is the definition by the World Tourism Organization. Healthy tourism is an activity carried out continuously in a tourist area in order to improve the quality of the physical and social environment through empowering potential. The quality of a tourist attraction is not only determined by existing facilities, but also based on the cleanliness and health of the location. Sapta Pesona Wisata is symbolized by 7 (seven) shining sun logos which symbolize the elements: Security, Order, Cleanliness, Coolness, Beauty, Hospitality and Memories.


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