• haufi sukmamedian Manajemen Devisi Kamar, Politeknik Pariwisata Batam
Keywords: Botanical Garden, Space requirement analysis, Spatial design and facilities


Bogor is identical with its icon, Bogor Botanical Garden, Bogor Pride Garden is the oldest in Asia with 2 century age . KRB is a conservation area located in the heart of Bogor city and has been used as a public city park not only residents of Bogor but also residents outside the city of Bogor. Problems KRB many areas in the area that has not been arranged with  optimally, either in terms of facilities that have not met the standard facilities of a botanical garden and also the landscape. KRB with the increasing number of visits each year is demanded by the community to be more able to serve and provide the maximum service one of which is the optimization of spatial as well as facilities within the KRB. This study unites between Garden tourism theory and the landscape standard of a garden or botanical garden. The research method used is descriptive qualitative where it will be explained about the problems existing in KRB and also the existing facilities. This research also involves suggestions and feedback from visitors in KRB and can be seen clearly the expectations of the visitors about what facilities they expect which then in the analysis using the analysis of space needs. The results of this study are expected to be an input for KRB managers in improving facilities and services in KRB, and future development for KRB.


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