Pengaruh Green Marketing terhadap Citra Perusahaan Accor Hotels Bandung

  • Nedi Laras Annisa Ulfitri Program Studi Manajemen Tata Hidangan, Politeknik Pariwisata Batam
Keywords: Green Marketing, Corporate Image, Novotel Bandung, Accor Hotels Bandung, Hotel Ibis Bandung Pasteur, Hotel Ibis Budget Bandung Asia Afrika


Development of tourism leads to the development of sustainable tourism. Various efforts are made to minimize the occurrence of global warming through the green movement, especially to the hotel business actors who have a commitment to apply the principles of environmental friendly. The real evidence of a development in the hospitality industry is the emergence of green hotels. The strategy will certainly affect the image of the company that runs it. This study aimed to obtain findings on the influence of green marketing strategy on corporate image. The objects of this research were Novotel Bandung, Ibis Bandung Pasteur, and Ibis Budget Bandung Asia Afrika as the hotels that represent Accor Hotels Bandung. The independent variable in this research was green marketing (X) with a corporate image (Y) as the dependent variable. The type of this research was descriptive verification with cross-section method development by systematic and stratified random sampling. This study used path analysis by statistical software (SPSS 22.0 for windows). The result showed that there was significant influence either simultaneously or partially from green product innovation dimension, green performance, and green alliances in creating corporate image consisting of common product and attribute; benefits or attitudes; people and relationship; value and programs; and corporate credibility.


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